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      1. Live Victoria Roulette

        £1.00 - £10,000.00


        • Straight up: £1 - £500
        • Outside chances max bet: £10,000
        • Opening times: 24/7
        • RTP: 97.3%

        Get the excitement and thrill of playing in your local Grosvenor Casino from the comfort of home or on the go, as we’re streaming live Roulette directly from our London Victoria Casino. This is your exclusive invitation to join in alongside our club guests.

        Use your phone, tablet or computer to claim a comfortable seat at one of our actual Roulette tables in London and join real Grosvenor Casino players in a game of classic Live Roulette via this innovative live streaming experience, led by our highly experienced dealers in real-time.

        Choose from our amazing selection of Live Roulette tables.